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OUR BUSINESS IS IN THE MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS of literary works of some note. We hope to be able to serve our aspiring authors well, by helping them in becoming published authors, and may they, with their special talents infuse some 'new blood' into the global publishing industry. “Just remember...It takes longer to write a book, than it takes to be read." We believe there is always room for more writers with colorful and unique writing styles and techniques, able to offer a wider choice of compelling and innovative ideas and story plots, to fascinate our global readership.


We market and promote your literary works to Publishers. We specialize in different fields and all genres of Fiction and Non-Fiction. We assess all works of fiction including Children’s, Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, and Crime, Literary Fiction, General Fiction, Women’s Popular Fiction, Gay and Lesbian, Sci-Fi Fantasy/Horror, Sci-Fi Adult/Fantasy/Thriller, and non-fiction in areas of Autobiography, Life Story, Biography, Short Story Collections, Poetry Volumes (in limited numbers only). We offer proofreading and line editing services, in-depth manuscript assessments covering areas such as characterization, plot, settings, dialogue and style. This objective analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of manuscripts will assist in improving work, and our assessments are detailed and rigorous; providing authors with constructive comment on the strengths and weaknesses of their work. In particular we offer novelists our professional screenplay adaptation services (Our specialty). Although we are New Zealand based, we also have an agent in Australasia, and welcome international submissions.

Note: Emailed manuscript submissions are preferred, but we also accept CD form as well as hardcopy. We provide specialty-publishing services within New Zealand Shores only, but certain conditions will apply. On the literary agency side of things, our clientele is comprised of international authors from the U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Brazil, Australasia and New Zealand, in that order. On the main, we target the services of offshore Publishers for our clients, availing us to more varied services, and enabling us to reach a wider readership. Some of our promising, yet unpublished aspiring authors, will be able to infuse their own unique stamp on the industry by offering a wealth of diverse talents, in order to satisfy a multiple of genres that are being sought by an ever-growing and more discerning readership audience around the globe.
We are pleased and proud to announce that we shall be reviewing numerous exciting new works, written by a number of our talented writers listed on our Web blog sites, for 2010. So keep on the lookout.

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This Following Advertisement is solely for the Purpose of Promoting Our Screenplay Adaptation Services.

Note: Screenplay Adaptations for the Hawkspurr Action Adventure Novels in the Series are Available Upon Request by Certified Film Producers/Production Companies Only

Living on the edge no longer presents an option for fine author 'Trooper', who now lives in comfortable seclusion in a remote part of New Zealand. The author only known by his pen name 'Trooper' is a retired former British ex-Military Intelligence Field Officer. Trooper has taken to the quill, and penned down a series of excellent and exciting action adventure novels. Written in the genre of fiction, the suspense filled and compelling stories were based upon factual events and personal experiences during a lifetime of military service. The completed works now known as the Hawkspurr Action Adventure Series and can be downloaded from This Website (Get Your FREE Copy of Choice) or go to for your hard copy with their great covers or in Kindle Version.


Or just read on...

I would like to introduce to you an exciting New Zealand Author TROOPER, creator of the HAWKSPURR Action Adventure Series. Trooper has written a series of Covert Intelligence Action Adventure Adult Romance Novels. The stories, categorized as Fiction are based upon the factual experience of a longstanding career in the British Military as a former Intelligence Field Officer of very high standing. Some of the story content may be not for the fainthearted, however, these fantastic novels (six in the series plus a seventh on the way) - are a real feast for the imagination. Not only do they make for a memorable read for those keen on Military Covert Intelligence intrigue, but also prove desirable mental stimulation for young people of a legal age. Who are interested in their historical past and welcome informative educational literature on diverse cultures and human behavior, when finding themselves subjected to extreme stressful out of the ordinary conditions.

So, if you ever wondered what the life of a professional soldier was like, especially one, who served in the Elite S.A.S., let me invite you in for a peek to find out more about a most entertaining and compelling series of Novels, written by and based upon the life-long career of one of such fine professional soldiers.

NYLES ST.JOHN HAWKSPURR is the main central character of the Series and is a representation of one of these extraordinary professional fighting man within the stories.

Let us take you on a fascinating journey and discover 'the man' as you lose yourself within the story telling. Discover how Hawkspurr performs his important assignments and highly covert duties in far away lands. Assisted by a close band of other elite soldiers in his troop under his command, when seconded to politically challenged continents where their professional expertise in military strategies was in great demand. In countries where guerrilla warfare and genocide goes hand in hand and was then and still remains to pose as a mere daily occurrence today.
-Learn of Hawkspurr's personal hopes and aspirations

-Experience the highs and lows of his daily challenges and objectives

-Feel both the despair as well as the elation of his adversities and ultimate achievements in victories realized

-And finally, and more importantly, enjoy the thrills experienced by the different women Hawkspurr meets along the way, and the lovers that colored and enriched his personal life when off-duty.

The Hawkspurr Action Adventure Stories were created and written as fiction - however as aforementioned, were based on the factual events and real life experiences of a professional soldier. These wonderful books make great reading for both young (of legal age) and old alike irrespective of your tastes in literature.

 For the mature reader these great and informative novels offer the reader  an opportunity to discover just what it was that men of Hawkspurr's caliber fought for. For our younger readers it provides an eye-opening epitaph of history and serves as a true educational opportunity whilst losing oneself in the intrigue, suspense and excitement. It will also bring home the realization just how fortunate so many of us today are, and to be living in a free and liberal society.

Do not forget to make use of a FREE PDF File download of the Novel 'WAKE OF THE RAINBOW WARRIOR'. When logged onto the downloading site carefully read the condensed Synopsis of the Book 'WAKE OF THE RAINBOW WARRIOR’ where you will find the answer to the specific question asked. Then email your answer along with the title of your book of choice absolutely FREE of charge! For each additional title in the series only ($4.95 per PDF download). It is that Easy! 

The Following Titles now in their new individual
hard copies and Kindle formats listed below are
available from all Bookstores and :-


KOREAN RAIDER - The Korean War 1952
Not just another war story, but the coming of age of a young man seeking romance and love outside of a bloody conflict. Hawkspurr is serving with the Household Cavalry in London, England, and at the age of nineteen applies for active duty with a unit fighting in Korea. Recruited for service with a South Korean Guerrilla group operating behind enemy lines, he captures the man destined to be his antagonist over the years ahead – Von Harzburg. Hawkspurr is wounded and evacuated to a military hospital in Japan, where he spots Harzburg who has escaped from custody. Following him to Hong Kong he locates Harzburg but the German eludes him. He tracks Harzburg to Germany and chases him on skis to a village where he is captured. Hawkspurr is released but ambushed by border guards and after a fire fight escapes safely to England.

THE GOLDEN KRIS - Malaya Assignment
Follows the adventures of Nyles Hawkspurr, as he serves with the elite Special Air Service. He is proud to be a member of the Household Cavalry, but during the celebrations for the Coronation of the new Queen, he enjoys the parties, and sexual favors offered by titled ladies, and actresses alike. Hawkspurr learns that an old adversary from the Korean War, the German Agent Gunter Von Harzburg, is now advising the communist terrorists in Malaya, and he volunteers for the S.A.S. MALAYAN SCOUTS who are actively engaged in the jungle war. During specialized parachute training in Singapore Hawkspurr meets the Chinese Woman Detective Jennie Koo, and manages to find romance again. He is then assigned to protect a future leader of the country, on the island of Penang. A parachute drop into the jungle brings Hawkspurr and Von Harzburg together once again. Once more the author captures the authenticity of the land, its peoples, their food, and the lifestyles of primitive aborigines. Descriptions of parachuting techniques, and SAS operational methods are thrilling in their reality, and the jungle with its creatures comes graphically to life for the reader. Spiced as always with humor, and non-stop action.

ASSIGNMENT CYPRUS - Suez Incident 1956
Includes an account of the 1956 invasion of the SUEZ CANAL. With a murderous conflict in Cyprus coming to a head, Nyles Hawkspurr and his S.A.S. Troop of specialists are posted to this lovely island to hunt for the elusive General Grivas, leader of the EOKA terrorist organization in the mountains. On a covert assignment Hawkspurr must first journey alone to Spain, to eliminate a Greek arms dealer who is supplying weapons to the terrorists. After a successful operation Hawkspurr has a romantic interlude with a wild Gypsy dancer, but is later arrested by Spanish police unsure of his identity. Later, with help from the Gypsies Hawkspurr escapes by boat to Gibraltar. Reunited with his men Hawkspurr seeks out and destroys the enemy in towns, villages, and mountain hideouts, and yet still finds time for romance with Greek and Turkish women alike. When the Egyptian government under General Nasser nationalizes the Suez Canal, Hawkspurr enters Egypt clandestinely to gather information. During the Anglo/French invasion of Suez, he leads a special unit of his own men and French Foreign Legionnaires on a parachute raid to a canal installation. For the thrilling climax Hawkspurr returns to Cyprus.

BLOOD ON THE PANGA - Congo Command
Major Nyles Hawkspurr and his former SAS soldiers are hired to lead an elite unit of native commandos against brutal rebels hiding deep in the jungles of the Dark Continent. Not a story for the faint hearted, but an authentic portrayal of guerrilla war and high action adventure in central Africa. Murder, political intrigue, betrayal - and a little romance! Narrated graphically in the distinctive style of this popular military author. As always, the author draws upon his own experiences as a professional soldier, for the exciting action and locations, which are authentic, and colourfully descriptive.

NURSE IN CONFLICT - The Gulf War 1991
Emily McKerrow is a senior army nurse from New Zealand, serving in Saudi Arabia at the start of the Gulf War, 1991. Beautiful, intelligent and dedicated, Emily is introduced in London to the charming Captain Hugh Buckfast, an officer of the Grenadier Guards with whom she falls in love. Emily's ambulance becomes lost in the desert during a storm and is found by an SAS patrol, commanded to her surprise by Hugh Buckfast. Hugh is furious at having his operation compromised and treats Emily with disdain. Emily meets an intimate friend from university days currently employed by the Saudi Arabian government and the two renew their relationship. In the meantime, Hugh Buckfast has been seriously wounded, and captured by the Iraqis. Emily is summoned by Allied Commanders and asked to join a mission and render medical assistance. Guided by Bedouin tribesmen in company with the mysterious Colonel Nyles Hawkspurr, they cross into Jordan and operate on Hugh after an SAS team rescues him. Many adventures befall the team as they journey south through historical Jordan disguised as Bedouin, and pursued by Iraqi agents. Action, passion, jealousy, intrigue, murder, and personal conflict set against a backdrop of war.

WAKE OF THE RAINBOW WARRIOR - Terrorist Bombing of The Rainbow Warrior Incident
Colonel Nyles St. John Hawkspurr is a retired SAS officer outraged by the bombing of the Greenpeace vessel ‘Rainbow Warrior’ in Auckland Harbour, and the premature release of the convicted terrorist. He decides to bring the perpetrator back to complete his sentence, and to this end decides to gather his old comrades to assist him. He then learns that the mastermind behind the operation is an old antagonist, Gunter Von Harzburg and vows to bring him to justice in New Zealand. His travels and subsequent adventures take him to Australia, Hong Kong, Borneo, Kenya, Italy, Cyprus, Jersey, France, Egypt, and the Sudanese desert. Thrilling in its authentic action, with a romantic element, descriptions of indigenous peoples and their lifestyle, and real-life characters to satisfy the most discerning reader.

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